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What a week January 21, 2009

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As I sit here listening to John Lennon and my kids scream at the same time I’m thinking about the week I had.  Nothing major but exhausting none the less.  I have to say I am kind of proud of myself.  I spent 5 nights alone with just the kids.  I didn’t have a panic attack or hear noises that weren’t really there.  I stayed calm and cool.  Staying alone is a fear that I have so doing it for 5 nights was a big step for me.  I spent the majority of my nights just thinking about life in general or snuggling up with my little ones.  It was wonderful to spend the time with my kids and no one else interrupting.

I also started school this week.  I only started two out of the four classes.  Comparative Religions and Lifespan development.  Comparative Religions seems like it’s going to be a really cool class.  We are required to go to 4 different religious services or centers and one has to be the Holocaust Memorial Center.  We can go  to 5 extra ones for extra credits.  I really think I am going to take this opportunity to explore my spirituality and grow.  I think I am going to start another blog to document my adventures to these different places.  Hopefully at the end of this 16 week course I will either identify with one religion or continue to believe in what I currently believe in.  We also can read Night by Elie Wiesel for extra credit.  I just ordered the book from Target but it sounds like it is a sad book.

My Lifespan development class is nothing exciting.  The topic interest me and I have been going back and fourth on majoring in psychology so this class, along with my other psychology class I will be taking should give me a better idea.  But the teacher is pretty dry and I think will make us do group work every class.  One of the girls I worked with the first class drove me insane.  I seriously wanted to bang my head against the desk.  She wanted to debate with me on a topic that she knew very little about and in the end sounded very ignorant.  First of all I respect people in their stances on certain hot topics but I will challenge them.  I love a debate.  I don’t do it to make other people feel  uncomfortable about their stance but instead to understand a little bit what the other side feels.  So she opened the door to this hot topic and I said well why do you feel this why?  She could not come up with a clear answer.  Just cause doesn’t sit well for me.  I threw some facts at her to see what she would say about that.  She really didn’t have much to say except to challenge me on my facts (and I quickly corrected her) until she realized I was right.  Anyways my whole point of why I got so pissy was like I said I respect people who are firm on their stances and have all their facts and have made an educated decision.  I respect people who make these decisions to feel this ways because that is what the people around them feel  and it just feels right only if they have open ears and eyes to listen to the other side.  Because people like that tend to only hear one side and if they hear the other side and still are firm in their beliefs then I respect them.  I do not like people who when questioned why they feel the way they feel are like “Duh I dunno just cause” and go on to attack you.  It just makes me mad.  Maybe that’s harsh but I guess I am.


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