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Life Happens February 28, 2008

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And you forget about your blog 😦

I forgot this was here and went to sign up to start another blog and it had told me I already had one. Woohoo though! I swear this time I will be better with it. So what have I been up to. Not much same old same old.

I’ve currently working on a pair of socks for me! Jaywalkers

that is a picture I took when I first started them. Had to frog it and restart doh! Im to the heel flap now so Im hoping to be done with one sock soon (yup I’m that slow).

I’ve also been cooking up a storm.

That is cauliflower that Im steaming there. I bought the book Deceptively Delicious in hopes to get my kids to eat more veggies. Its working wonderfully. An add bonus is that they are eating more veggies w/out me hiding them in their food.

Buy this book if you have picky eaters. It rocks!


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